Thursday, September 15, 2005

Britney Spears - Fantasy

As I mentioned this morning, today Fantasy Britney Spears, or Britney Spears' Fantasy, or whatever, hits the stores. I still think the bottle is horrid. The box it comes in is real pretty, though.

And here's the surprise: it smells pretty good.

It's a fruity fragrance, which is strange considering its fall launch. Sorta tropical-pineappley. It's light and not at all overpowering; on the other hand, it's not too different from what you might find at Victoria's Secret. It stays nice on the drydown: still fruity, with a little bit of brown sugar.

I don't smell the cupcakes at all.

$45 for a small bottle, $55 for a big one. Your local department store is sure to have it.

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Anonymous said...

from msnbc (
"On Thursday, she released her new fragrance, 'Fantasy.' She says it was created with 'all kinds of enchanting scents' including 'lush red lychee' and even a 'hint of cupcakes, white chocolate and jasmine.'"