Saturday, October 20, 2007

Realistic Naked Action

Yesterday, a naked woman asked me where I got my underwear.

...I like saying it like that, removing the context and reducing the details so that it's still true, but sounds completely absurd. Like the time I was in an airplane that, while still in the gate, had a "ground incident" where a passing truck clipped its wing. (It was kind of frightening to see how much damage the wing took from it.) It's not completely inaccurate to say that I survived a collision in a plane. Or, more accurately and succinctly, my plane got hit by a truck.

So it probably makes it sound less crazy when I specify that the naked woman and I were in the locker room at the gym.

Though I'm not sure the context made it any less awkward. I'm not used to talking to strangers even when they're clothed. What do you say in return when a naked person compliments your undies? "I like your butt"?

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