Friday, June 10, 2005

A Brief Foray into Style: Louis Vuitton

This isn't fragrance-related, but it's noteworthy.

Louis Vuitton bags are kind of like the older boyfriend you had in high school: you used to think he was cute, classy, and extremely cool. Then you grew up a bit, got a bit more sense and taste, and when you think back about those days, you realize that guy was just plain tacky. I could probably rock one of the smaller, simpler Monogram Canvas bags, and the Epi leather collection is cute, but for the most part Vuitton accessories are the cheesy pickup lines of the handbag universe.

Behold, Louis Vuitton's latest atrocity.

Louis Vuitton, you're dead to me. You're more dead to me than your dead founder and eponym. And he died in 1892, mind you, and is probably doing several tours en l'air in his grave.


Anonymous said...

that denim nightmare looks like something a hilton sister would carry, and the fashionistas at entertainment weekly would collectively shake their heads and make a tasteless comparison to said sister's scandalous love life.
target has cuter bags than this. actually, i saw a pink bag in the wal-mart clearance pile for $5 that kicked this bag's ass. take that louis vuitton!

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Anonymous said...

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