Monday, June 20, 2005

Hummer - Eau de Toilette

This review brought to you by Blind Date Theater.

Guy: Hey, Girl.

Girl: You must be Guy. Um, pleased to meet you.

Guy: I must say, you're looking great tonight. That's a beautiful dress.

Girl: Thanks...

Guy: It would look even better on the fl-

Girl: What's that smell?

Guy: Smell?

Girl: Something smells like Deep Woods Off! Like, the bug spray. (wrinkles her nose) Is it you?

Guy: No, I don't think...

Girl: It is you! Why are you wearing bug spray?

Guy: I'm not wearing bug spray! I'm wearing... Hummer.

Girl: Hummer? Like the ugly yellow SUV?

Guy: They're not ugly! They're awesome. Have you ever been in a stretch Hummer? Those things are awesome!

Girl: Maybe if I were ever going to an off-road VIP event. Why would you want to smell like a car?

Guy: It doesn't smell like a car...

Girl: Well, it really smells like bug spray. Seriously. Hummer? Who are you kidding? If you want to wear a perfume with a designer label, why don't you wear Gucci?

Guy: But Hummers are cool!

Girl: And if you want to smell like bug spray, why don't you just wear bug spray? It's cheaper and it repels insects.

Guy: Uhhh... did I tell you you're hot?

Girl: I'm sorry, I think I'm getting a touch of the flu. I'd better go home.


Girl said...

Hummer. Heh.

Jennie said...
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Jennie said...

See how I delete my comments? Yeah. It's just that I had MORE TO SAY.

Thank you for reviewing HUMMER. I was just too scared by its mere exsistence to sniff it. Part of me wanted to buy some though, and mail it to you.

Also, Canadian Duty Free? Do not put such things as HUMMER next to Chanel No. 5. It makes the Chanel cry. And Seriously? Chanel No. 5 hand lotion? BEST LOTION EVER. Totally worth the $50 or whatever.

Now. If I only had $50 and didn't spend it on yarn.