Thursday, April 28, 2005

Drydown: Other ways for Diversey to stink

This blog is still in its early stages, and I'm still figuring out what I want to do with it.

It's a perfume blog, of course. Or a "fragrance blog" or "scent blog"--to be honest, I'm not too picky about semantics. Maybe I should be; I don't know. I'm not the foremost authority on perfumes, and I don't pretend to be, so this is not going to be a super-informative blog. I try, though.

So I'm trying to think of other regular features--perhaps a perfume wish list, or perfumes I'd like to see, or a "Whatever Happened To...?" section.

Any and all ideas are welcome.


Anonymous said...

i still think you should do a review/list of "why the hell did they discontinue the best scents." bastards!

Girl said... could also talk about scents from your past, or the first perfume you ever had. I still remember the first bottle I ever got--Incognito. I thought I was hot shit, man.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat,

This is hung [pham1]. Just want to let you know that, as a fellow fragrance fan, I really enjoy your blog. I don't really know much about women's fragrances (or candles or soaps), but it's all still fun to read.

BTW, I also read that New Yorker article that you mentioned in your plan. Quite a fascinating read. If you want to link to it in your blog, here's the address:

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line, but I don't know your email address, and your blog doesn't have any way to contact you besides leaving comments on entries.

Okay, late.