Friday, July 08, 2005

The Celebrity Dork Curse

dahli9 asks: Do you visit your fan sites?

jessica_alba_17: I have seen them a few times, and I'm really flattered! I can't believe anyone would spend any kind of time on me because I'm such a dork!! :-)

One more curse before I go on vacation: The Celebrity Dork Curse.

How it works is this: Whenever a good-looking celebrity claims to be "such a dork," or to have been one while growing up, something will happen to prove s/he actually is such a dork, and the public will witness it.

For example, Jessica Alba would be photographed picking her nose and eating it, or getting rejected by a Xena lookalike at a Star Trek convention.

Soi-disant dork Britney Spears has already been hit pretty hard by this curse.

All right, I'm outta here until next week!


Anonymous said...

Does the curse still apply if the celebrity actually is a huge dork? If so, I submit Danica McKellar (aka Winnie Cooper) as one who would be exempt from the curse. Sure, she doesn't have the celebrity status of Jessica Alba or Brittany Spears, but how many people do you know that have posed for Stuff Magazine and offer personal math tutoring on their homepage?


Diversey said...

I'd say no. Actual dorkiness precludes the Dork Curse. Danica's paid her dues, and we love her for it.